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3MBS Radiothon – A Success!

Thank you to all the loyal 3MBS supporters who became new subscribers or re-subscribers during the 2011 3MBS 103.5 FM Radiothon.

It is a honour to be able to share the Tuesday midday hour with you each week as well as the odd Classically Kids hour on Saturdays. I know all of us at 3MBS were touched by the wonderful comments that flowed in over the Mother’s Day weekend, and it was so motivating to hear the many phones ringing away down the corridor of the studio, knowing that people were listening in and subscribing to show their support for classical music and jazz in Melbourne and more broadly, Australia.

3MBS is the only classical music station devoted to Melbourne’s music community and we volunteers do a lot of work off-air as well as on-air by providing support to local musicians and music students through on-air interviews and live performances, by hosting master classes, providing radio and interview skills training, recording performances for future broadcast and much more. We really do appreciate your support, so on behalf of 3MBS, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

Grace x,


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