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Published: review: Warriors of Brazil

To see fit, half-naked men flip and kick for an hour-and-a-half to infectious Brazilian beats, buy a ticket to Warriors of Brazil. Just don’t be surprised if you come out feeling a little like you’ve attended a sermon.

Warriors of Brazil is a dynamic celebration of the martial art, Capoeira, blended with music and dance. The show opens with a punch, as several young men flip and tumble onto the stage in front of the live band. Soon enough they are no longer wearing shirts, their gyrating pelvises and tumbling tricks taking centre stage – not that anyone complained.

The performers’ athleticism and skill are awe-inspiring. At one point, the warriors bring on to the floor a generous number of young women from the audience, packing them together tightly in a line, before a man emerges from the wings to soar over the tops of the ladies’ heads in a death-defying jump.

Rhythm Carnival’s talented musicians were no less impressive, the jazz flute taking on a personality of its own. Singer Paloma Gomes stole the show with her stunning voice, diva-like stage presence and colourful outfit changes.

Least effective were the sections of talk that alternated with the action. Hailing from the once notoriously violent favelas and ghettos of Salvador de Bahia, the performers were understandably keen to voice their love for Capoeira. However, Rayson Santana’s heavily-accented call to take up the sport that saves people from drugs, violence and even death, grew tiresome in the end. The message was disconcertingly drummed home by an on-stage gang violence re-enactment, which ended with a man dragged into the wings to the sound of gun shots.

However, the sheer energy and skill of the performers ultimately won the day. Warriors of Brazil proved to be a fun, athletic and action-packed event, suitable for all ages. Ideal for summer or simply an evening out with friends.

Tickets are available:

Her Majesty’s Theatre
2-7 Feb,2010
Bookings: 1300 795 012

Festival Theatre
9-11 Feb,2010
Bookings: 131 246

First published in Trespass Magazine


One comment on “Published: review: Warriors of Brazil

  1. Donald Mathewson
    February 24, 2010

    Thank you for the review. I think I’ll wait a bit for the price to drop before I buy one though 😉

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