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Exhibition: The Dream and the Dance: 3 – 29 November 2009

Whether you are a dancer or simply love art, Australian artist Debra Luccio’s latest exhibition The Dream and the Dance, now showing at the Steps Gallery on Lygon Street, is a must-see.

In this ballet-inspired offering, Luccio showcases the fruits of her collaboration with the Queensland Ballet as they rehearsed and performed ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. This is not the first time that Luccio has worked with dancers, for in 2007 she travelled to New York to capture the dancers of the prestigious New York City Ballet. As in her previous work, Luccio focuses on the human form and its expressive and communicative possibilities.

The Dream and the Dance
is Luccio’s first exhibition since she was announced the winner of this year’s CPM Printmaking award.

3 – 29 November 2009
Steps Gallery 62 Lygon St Carlton South 3053
Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri 12-4 Sat-Sun 12-5
P: 0448 026643 E: W:


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