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Melbourne Fringe Festival Reviews

Hi hi hi….

I’m-heading back to Melbyville tonight (Look out Melbourne!), which means I’ll be checking out the local arts scene once again, and in particular, Melbourne Fringe Festival. I always find it helpful myself to check out reviews of shows before I decide which ones to go to and I thought I’d draw your attention to this website:

The Buzzcuts programme is run by Express Media and hosts tonnes of up-to-date reviews written by young writers and artists in partnership with Melbourne Fringe Festival. The opinions are entirely those of the writers themselves and are generally current enough for you to catch a show after reading a good review of it.

I will be reviewing two shows myself as part of the programme in early October and as I mentioned in an earlier blog, I am working as a creative writer as part of Willoh Weiland’s ‘The Mapping Room’ live art project, (
which features many different artists who have come together for the common cause and is currently running at Head Quarters( and at selected venues around Melbourne.

If you live around the Carlton/Brunswick area there is no excuse not to catch something on at the moment, as La Mama and Dancehouse are two of the Fringe’s main venues. So….what are you waiting for? Get away from the computer and go explore!

Gracee xoxoxo


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