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Fringe Fever in Melbourne

It’s that time of year again!

This week has seen the opening of the annual Melbourne Fringe Festival (23 Sept-11 Oct 2009) and there are tonnes of great shows to see…

If you aren’t familiar with what the Fringe is all about, it is an open access independent arts festival in which thousands of established and emerging artists from all different disciplines (and some that don’t even have proper names yet) get the chance to showcase their work.

Above all, Melbourne Fringe values the cutting-edge, work created by artists who put creativity and risk above financial considerations, and has an Awards programme that allows the most promising artists to invest more time in their work or exhibit/perform at another festival.

Some of the festival’s highlights include Fringe Furniture, a curated ‘furniture’ exhibition; Take Off Your Skin (Toys), a large scale collaborative dance project; and The Mapping Room, a live art open exhibition featuring writers, hybrid artists exploring ideas of cartography, such as the relationship between what we see on a map and how we experience that place personally. I admit to a bias here, I am one of the writers in this project! But I can vouch for its quality!

For more info, visit: Hope to see you there!

Gracee 🙂 xo


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