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Interview: Published: The Australian Ballet’s Damien Welch

Damien Welch – a passion for both dance and music
Hear from The Australian Ballet Principal Dancer

By Grace Edwards

Already one of the nation’s best loved dancers, Principal Artist Damien Welch of the Australian Ballet has showcased his versatility in the company’s acclaimed choreographic season – Bodytorque 2.2 – performed in May. A self-described music lover, Welch’s piece entitled Chemical Trigger features not only his own choreography, but also his own music. Dance Informa’s Grace Edwards caught up with Damien to talk about his new piece and his passion for music.

How exciting for you Damien! Tell us a little about your piece, Chemical Trigger
Chemical Trigger is an abstract piece about a man and his relationship with different women. There are three short musical pieces within the work and the music starts off very rhythmically. By the third piece an overlying sense of distance has taken over. This man is very distant from the women who he supposedly loves – or I should say, the three women that represent three different relationships at three different points of his life – this piece is about that lack of intimacy within himself, which borders almost on violence simply because he can’ t understand his own lack of connection.


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